Social Media Sites

In exploration of today’s social media, that is, any media for web-based social interaction, this blog has been created.

Below is a list of 20 random social media sites that I have discovered this past week:
1. BlinkList Save and share links while browsing.
2. Fark An edited social networking news site.
3. Care2 Online community for healthy and green living.
4. Technorati Blog site.
5. CafeMom Community for moms.
6. StyleHive Social network for fashion.
7. Uvouch Share videos and links.
8. AutoSpies News and reviews for automobiles.
9. Habbo Hotel Interactive chatroom for teens.
10. Kiwibox General social network for young adults.
11. KidLinks Community for kids to connect with friends.
12. LibraryThing Cataloging and sharing for book lovers.
13. OUTeverywhere Social network for homosexuals.
14. Skout Online mobile dating site.
15. BakeSpace Community for cooking.
16. ReverbNation Social network for bands and musicians.
17. We the Teachers Community for teachers.
18. SocialVibe Community supporting charities.
19. Fuzzster Network for pets to meet other pets and owners.
20. TravellersPoint Online travel community.

EDIT // 1.18.2011
I suppose that my initial reaction to these sites would have to be my surprise at the number of different niches for social communities. From cooking, to pet lovers, to teachers, it seems as if there is a place for everyone on the web. But I guess thats the charm of Web 2.0 – connecting to people of all sorts through SNS.

I might even join a few new ones myself, but who knows how active Ill be in them.


2 thoughts on “Social Media Sites

  1. Your list of SMSs is pretty interesting. it’s funny how all of this was predicted many years ago. I feel that web 2.0 have opened a whole new door to a new world. one can stay at home and communicate with friends and family thousands of miles away using just the web!! that’s crazy. it reminds me of when we only had phones and cell phones weren’t invented yet.

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