Personal Review: WordPress & Twitter

Just a note that I’ve edited my blog to include my Twitter feed on the side, as well as a blogroll of the other students in TECH621. I tried messing a bit more with what has to offer, but I’ve learned from briefly using it in the past that it is pretty limited in design options, other than choosing themes. From first use however, I’ve found to be ideal to use and enjoyed the organization it offers for posts. I feel that even after this class, I will continue to use WordPress for personal use.

When it comes to Twitter, my initial thought upon its release was that it was unnecessary. The majority of my friends are on Facebook and receive any status updates I already make, so why use Twitter when it would connect me to only a few friends, and offers nothing but a status update option with limited character use?

What most deferred me from using Twitter, however, was more correlated to input from friends and relatives and their views on status updates in general. I found that many of my relatives disliked hearing day-to-day activities in the status updates of others, because, in truth, they didn’t care. It was because of this that I gradually ceased posting my own status on Facebook; thinking I had nothing to say that was worthwhile for others to read. And if I didn’t post on Facebook, why would I post on Twitter?

Using Twitter as a tool for communication in TECH621, I have found that I have no qualms about posting when I have a captive audience (aka my classmates that are required to tweet as well). So far it has been fun, and while the character limit can be aggravating, it does require one to get to the point. This can leave little to say, however, when replying to several users at once. I almost wish the restriction didn’t include characters within an @username.

Regardless, I think if I were to follow industry professionals and others with meaningful tweets, I would be more likely to stay with Twitter even after this semester.


3 thoughts on “Personal Review: WordPress & Twitter

  1. Laura, think of posting on Twitter things that are interesting and informative, rather than what you are doing (unless what you’re doing is really interesting/cool/funny).

    And, why not get started discovering interesting people to follow on Twitter? Post your discoveries on Twitter so other class mates can follow them, too.

  2. for my article analysis i did an article on Twitter and it’s incorporation in courses. it’s a really interesting one and it shows how twitter can actually increase learning and make it more fun. i have it in my blog if you wanted to read it, under article analysis 🙂

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