How Twitter Enriched My PAXEast Experience

@XPlay says that Adam Sessler is doing autograph signing at 2:45PM!” I said excitedly to my boyfriend this weekend. “We HAVE to go.”

Who is Adam Sessler you may ask? Only the hilarious host of X-Play, a gaming show with reviews, previews, and tips for all your favorite (and hated) video games. But this post isn’t about my X-Play obsession, nor how I practically stalked Adam Sessler this weekend; it’s about how Twitter allowed me to do it! Well, to an extent. 🙂

I may have only started to see the benefit of Twitter with the introduction of this semester’s TECH621 class on Social Media, but it wasn’t until I spent this past weekend at the PAX East game convention in Boston, MA, that I truly was glad to have it access to it.

Welcome to PAX East!

Being connected to game companies, creators, reporters, and others, such as @InsideGaming, @G4tv, @Official_PAX, @PAX_lines, etc. gave me the when and where for any events during my stay in Boston. I would be cruising the Exhibition Hall, checking my Tweet feed, when someone would post about a panel I knew I had to attend.

X-Play's Feedback Panel

Because of Twitter, I was able to stay informed with any events, lines, and games that were of interest to me. I checked it often and was not only able to make it to panels of game creators, but attended a cosplay gathering for some great pictures!

Bioshock Cosplayers

I also attended a Meet-Up with some 4PlayerPodcast fans, where I was able to make some new friends as we walked from the convention center to downtown Boston – something that I would not have had the opportunity to do if I hadn’t seen their last-minute tweet.

The City of Boston

I had a great time at PAX East, and I truly believe that Twitter had a help in enriching that experience. I really have a different view of it now and have also found that instead of asking if someone uses Facebook, I’ve taken to asking for Twitter accounts… Seems a bit less personal and therefore, more accessible. But I’ve learned that just because you make a friend in reality and follow them on Twitter, it doesn’t mean that they will do the same to you. I guess that quality of Facebook was sort of nice – having a mutual “friendship” instead of a one-sided “follower” leaves me feeling less rejected.

On another note, due to my new-found appreciation for Twitter, I have decided to spread it’s advantages to others. I encouraged my younger sister @anwrooty to get an account, focusing how easy it has been to spread the word about events, which she could possibly utilize for her Cooking Club meetings. Plus, I persuaded my boyfriend @jjasicki to get one, who, as a soon-to-be Purdue graduate, has needed aid in finding a job. I told him stories how one of the students in the class received a possible grant offer after making contacts through Twitter, and how my TECH621 class has free access to Radian 6 for the semester through my professor’s contact. Networking does has it’s benefits!


5 thoughts on “How Twitter Enriched My PAXEast Experience

  1. Hey Laura!

    Awesome to read about how useful you’ve found twitter and social media to be. So glad to have you as part of our Higher Ed program, hope you enjoyed!

    All the best,
    Genevieve Coates
    Community Manager – Radian6

  2. Yes, there’s great value in using Twitter at conferences and events. And give people some time to follow you back. Usually conferences are busy times when people get a lot of new followers, but don’t have time to go through the list and follow them back. I know I’m very bad at it, weeks, if not months behind. 😦

  3. glad to hear you had fun and from the posted pictures it looks like you had a blast 🙂 a couple of my friends did start an account on twitter after i talked about it and it’s benefits (well actually, it’s me talking about what we talk about in class and what Dr. V is saying to us about twitter) most of them got it after i said that there’s a saying about twitter being for smart people since it’s a wee bit more difficult or i should say more complex than facebook lol.

    P.S. i think it’s awesome that your sister is in a cook club. i’m trying to enhance my cooking skills but it seems like cooking a good full meal just takes too much time

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  5. Awesome… I wanted to go to PAX in case they were handing out any new League of Legends LE skins like last year. I read that Riot Games was a big hit. I still don’t know how I really feel about them… they were recently acquired (or about to be… I’m not sure) by the Chinese company that owns QQ (Chinese Facebook). Business is business, but it’s just more of our country that China now owns.

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