Thoughts 3: Research Phase

Today I learned: Design processes are not as simple as they seem.

We’ve read in class about Cooper’s Goal-Directed Design Process and a Pervasive Design Process, but today we tried to applying it to a hypothetical project in which we created a pizza-ordering app.

I though I had a good grasp on what to do. After all, we were only focusing on the research phase of the design: determining persona hypotheses and what to do for data collection and sampling. But it seemed that deciding on which method to employ wasn’t that obvious, nor which questions to ask.

I imagine that any part of the design process is done better with more practice. Books may describe what a designer has the options of doing and how to do it, but the designer may not completely grasp the extent of the method until actually applying it to a situation. Lesson learned.


One thought on “Thoughts 3: Research Phase

  1. 🙂
    For every single research project, there’s a lot of decision making that goes on about what method to use, how to select the sample, what questions to ask. You cannot capture the difficulty of making those decisions in a lecture. I wanted you to experience that process on your own.

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