Participants Needed!

for my Master’s thesis!

New Research Study:
Perceptions of Older Adults Toward iPhones

As a graduate student interested in accessibility, my Master’s thesis is focused on understanding the perceptions of older adults towards iPhones. Therefore, I am currently looking for participants over the age of 60 that would be willing to sit with me – via in person, Skype, or phone – and answer questions I have on their opinion of the iPhone.

Interviews should take about 30 minutes, and I will ensure that your personal information and answers to the interview questions remain confidential. Participation is completely voluntary and you may skip any questions you feel that are not comfortable to answer. Unfortunately, at this time I will not be able to offer compensation other than my sincere gratitude.

If you are interested or think you know someone that may be interested, please contact me at or (408).800.1539 (my Google Voice number). For more information, feel free to call/email me or consult the information sheet below:


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