Good/Bad Design 3: Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds
Maybe this is too similar to my previous good/bad design post, but this weekend I had a particular struggle with the venetian blinds in my bedroom. Namely, I could not figure out which angle to pull the cords in order to lower the blinds. Who decided to build the controls based on the angle anyway? At least some hint how to operate it should be visible; there should be some kind of affordance of raising or lowering so I don’t have to guess and check.

If that isn’t bad enough, let me point out that for whatever reason, there are two cords. But contrary to what you may think, one doesn’t raise them and the other lower them. Instead, they control different sides of the blinds. Because everyone loves having crooked blinds:

Crooked Blinds

I would say this is a mapping issue since the cord isn’t by the side it controls, but really there just needs to be one cord. I guess that’s why they make these:
Cord Holder
Poor design, if you ask me. What is even more sad is that there needs to be an eHow page for it: How To Lower Venetian Blinds.